Speaking to the audience about the relationship between India and Japan referring to ‘Green Father’ at the General Assembly of the Global Partnership Summit

投稿日:2017年12月14日 更新日:

I arrived at New Delhi Airport, the capital of India, ten hours later after leaving Narita Airport. I attended the General Assembly of the Global Partnership Summit which is held once every four years. Mr. Vibhav Kant Upadhyay, Chairman of the Sponsor for the Global Partnership Summit and Secretary General of the LDP Toshihiro Nikai recommended me to attend this assembly.
The Global Partnership Summit is sponsored by the private sector, and it is large in its scale and international. A total number of participants in the General Assembly exceeded 2,000. They were scholars, business people, politicians, government officials, journalists, social activists, etc., from different countries in Asia surrounding India, Europe, and the U.S.A. Various subjects were taken for discussion in the different fields of politics, economy, finance, environment, construction of smart cities, health care, and technology development. At intervals, participants enjoyed the performances by European and American musicians and Indian traditional dances.
As a speaker representing Japan, I emphasized the importance of the partnership between India and Japan as well as India and pacific member countries of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, (APEC) in line with the declaration of the 25th APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting which was held in Da Nang, Vietnam on November 11, this year.
In addition, I spoke to the audience about the story of Tatsumaru Sugiyama called by Indian people, ‘Green Father.’
In early 1960s, for the purpose of helping people in the region of Punjab who were suffering from famine and poverty due to natural destruction and desertification, Sugiyama invested 13 billion yen in planting eucalyptus and other plants, and contributed to the development of the region. Thanks to his efforts, the wide land of Punjab turned green and it was changed into the one for agriculture. Punjab is now counted as one of the abundant local regions. Thus, people have been calling him ‘Green Father’ expressing their gratitude to him.
On the second day of the General Assembly, ex-State Minister for Foreign Affairs Nobuo Kishi read Prime Minister Abe’s congratulatory address – he is younger brother of Prime Minister Abe. The Prime Minister’s address covered various topics. In summary, strengthening the friendship relations between India and Japan in all fields of politics and economy will contribute to peace and prosperity in the world. The Prime Minister’s address really impressed the audience.
As I was given an opportunity to speak again as a speaker, I repeatedly stressed the importance of the close relationship between India and Japan. I also referred to ‘Green Father’ whom I mentioned in the previous day’s assembly. Subsequently, Mayor of Kyoto Daisaku Kadokawa – he is famous for wearing Japanese clothes (kimono) all the time – reported on the Sister City of Kyoto City and Varanasi City, India in detail.