The Independence Day of the Kyrgyz Republic

投稿日:2017年11月20日 更新日:

I was invited to a party held at the Imperial Hotel for celebrating the Independence Day of the Kyrgyz Republic in Central Asia and the 25th anniversary of its diplomatic relations with Japan. I have a close connection with Kyrgyz, having visited the country three times, and I have also looked after many Kyrgyz people.
While it is still a developing country, in recent years the number of Japanese businesses branching out into the country has increased, and it is more important than anything else to build a stable and pro-Japanese country in Central Asia located directly behind China.
Kyrgyz Ambassador Genghis in Japan is young and active, and is making efforts to fit in here. I am now planning to pay a goodwill visit to Kyrgyz next spring, together with Chairman of Japan-Kyrgyzstan Parliamentary Friendship Association Gen Nakatani and other members. The falconer Masahiro Fujita was also invited because Kyrgyz is the cradle of falconer culture in the world. I introduced him to the ambassador. I also referred to it when I took a TV interview.




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