How do we respond to the sensation of President Trump?

投稿日:2017年11月8日 更新日:

President and First Lady Trump visited Japan and President Trump attracted the attention of the Japanese people. He was conspicuous because of the meeting of President and First Lady Trump with the Emperor and the Empress, his playing golf with Prime Minister Abe, the summit meeting between the two, his meeting with the families of the abductees, and besides, the severe transport regulations for him, etc.
As a result of his visiting Japan, his relationship with Prime Minister Abe has been further strengthened. The ties of the U.S.-Japan Alliance have become solid in all fields of security, diplomatic relations, politics, and economy. President Trump’s works should be highly valued. Particularly, with regard to the issue of North Korea, President Trump and Prime Minister Abe have agreed that economic sanctions against North Korea by the U.S., Japan and South Korea should be put into practice, and they should also request China and Russia to cooperate with them. President Trump has not forgotten mentioning the interests of the U.S. He suggested the Free Trade Agreement with Japan, referring to the U.S. trade deficit with Japan, though it is severe to Japan, and required Japan’s promise to increase its import of military weapons from the U.S. for the use of the Self- Defense Force.
One year has passed since President Trump was elected. His speeches and behaviors in the reality are more than predicted due to his unusual career and character. He announces a bold policy without hesitation, and sometimes, even the policy which seems to be unreasonable. He writes such a policy in Twitter quite often. His decision and the process of writing it as tweets are unknown and it reminds us of politics by a dictator. However, in fact, the U.S. economy, finance and employment are in the best condition, and the U.S. policy toward North Korea is consistent in terms of logic. It may be that President Trump’s decision and the process are based on his detailed calculation and personnel relations. If so, it should be a surprise.
Generally, the process of modern politics comprises of the government, the parliament, local governments, business circles, mass media, the nation as a whole, etc. However, from this viewpoint of the process to which we have been accustomed, President Trump’s speeches and behaviors are beyond our understanding. For the past one year, he has preserved his own peculiarity because of his personality and particularly, the presidential system. He has not been popular among the people in the U.S. with his approval rating of below 40%, mainly because most of the people have been worried about the fragility of his presidency. Now, many people of the U.S. complain about his unpopularity, but it cannot be helped because he was elected by the nation of the U.S.
Since every movement he makes influences other countries, especially, the allied countries of the U.S., it is not easy for Japan to associate with the U.S. In consideration of his visit to Japan this time, we should make the best efforts for the betterment of the relationship between Japan and the U.S.
I have felt relieved to hear that Air Force One for President and First Lady Trump took off toward South Korea in the west sky, remaining the whirl wind on November 7.




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