Stopping the Bill named, ‘Nanjing Massacre Commemorative Day’ in Ontario State, Canada

投稿日:2017年10月27日 更新日:

In Ontario State, Canada, the movement led by Chinese Canadians persistently is now being escalated to require the Legislature to pass the Bill named, ‘Nanjing Massacre Commemorative Day.’ It aimed to designate what is called in Japan, ‘Nanjing Incident’ as the massacre commemorative day under the law of Ontario State. The LDP (Liberal Democratic Party) has continued its diplomatic activities to stop the Bill by all means since this spring, in consultation with leaders of Japanese citizens residing in Ontario and other cities of Canada. In mid-July, while I was so busy taking various measures to restore the damages caused by the heavy rain disaster and support evacuees in Asakura City (my electorate) in Fukuoka Prefecture, I could find the time to visit Toronto, Canada, and met the Consul General and leaders of Japanese citizens to further promote our activities to stop the Bill.
In summer, I was fully occupied in carrying out the measures for dealing with the damages caused by the heavy rain in Fukuoka Prefecture. After I was reelected at the general election of members of the House of Representatives on October 22, I came back to Tokyo on October 25. Then, I learned that the movement of the Legislature of Ontario State was acute. The Bill would not be resolved, but a motion to accuse Japan of its Imperial Army’s killing 200,000 Chinese people would be resolved.
Pointing out the lack of recognition of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs concerning the status quo in the Ontario Legislature, I requested the Ministry to continue to protest against the motion. I also requested the Ministry to lodge a protest against the motion and its withdrawal with the Canadian government promptly, in case the motion passes the Ontario Legislature. I also explained it to Minister of Foreign Affairs Taro Kono over the telephone and requested him to take the strict measures.
Responses of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs tend to be slow and therefore, I always criticize the Ministry for it. In order to protect the honor and dignity of a country, at first, we should severely protest against the other party at one blow before mentioning forms and procedures. Its timing is fatal.




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