Foreign Policy Two Themes: North Kore and Russia

投稿日:2017年7月5日 更新日:

North Korea’s missile tests have not been stopped. The test launch of the missile on July 4 flew on a lofted trajectory and reached altitude of 2,700km. It flew 800km horizontally and reached the EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) of Japan. By means of this technology, the missile is deemed to fly 5,000 – 6,000 horizontally to reach Alaska in the mainland of the U. S. The development of a nuclear warhead is also advancing.
Japan and international society have condemned and protested against North Korea for its launch of the missile. However, it is not effective if North Korea does not listen to our protests. In addition, actual effects of economic sanctions cannot be expected.
How can we stop North Korea’s nuclear and missile development? Honestly speaking, nobody can answer.
The Japanese Government survey mission reported the ‘Joint Development of Four Islands in Northern Territories by Japan and Russia.’ This was decided by the top-level conference between Prime Minister Abe and President of Russia Putin last December.
The joint development means that four islands will be developed by two governments jointly. It seems that fundamental issues, such as how to adjust both countries’ sovereignty, which country’s law should be applied, etc., will be decided from now on.
I dared to say, “We have not heard the word of return of the territories to Japan after the top-level conference was finished. Although I pointed out this issue several times during the conference, “Has Japan withdrawn its assertion to claim the return of territories to Japan? ” In the past, there was such a fear as I said, “If we cooperate with Russia regarding the development, our negotiation with Russia concerning the return of territories to Japan will be delayed.” Needless to say, there was no answer.