Anti-Japan Movement in Ontario State, Canada

投稿日:2017年6月16日 更新日:

The movement aiming at the resolution of the Bill on “Nanjing Massacre Commemorative Day” by the Ontario State Legislature, Canada has been active, mainly, among Chinese Canadians. The Bill was not discussed during the session of May, but it will really be discussed during the session starting in September. It seems that a thousand-scale demonstration has recently been held in the street, and fund-raising campaigns are also held to support this movement. In my view, Japan should cope with this problem in advance and firmly. At this time, we, 15 members of the LDP (Liberal Democratic Party), have sent a note of protest to be strongly against the Bill to the responsible person of the Ontario State Legislature.
This is an example of how anti-Japan movements are expanded through the international society, and Japan is oppressed by the so-called international information war. If we take such action as whacking a mole repeatedly, the solution of this problem remains unsettled. I feel keenly that essentially, it is indispensable for Japan to establish an overall and integrated policy to dispatch the information based on its own standpoint and interests as the state.




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